About Laura

I happened on this story through a friend in the UK, named Daniel Morgan, otherwise I’d have never known about Laura Hymas. I guess not many people I know here in the USA would have a clue either unless I make them aware. I want to do all I  can to help her, so here is my plea.

I saw this TwitVid about 2 months ago, it tells the story of a 24 year old mother who has a brain tumor now classified as stage 4. She has terrible odds of finding a successful cure in the UK.

It’s a very powerful video and I suggest you watch it now to appreciate the plight of Laura Hymas, her partner Ben, and their adorable son Jacob.

Check out the TwitVid before you read further,


OK, so how can you not help, right?

I met Laura last Saturday and believe me if medical bills could be paid with good looks, personality, or courage then I wouldn’t be asking for your help.

As Rufus (what a hero), mentioned in the video, Laura is allergic to radiotherapy and chemo so these are not an option.  Without the treatment she started Monday August 8th, at the clinic of Dr Greg Burzynski here in Houston, it’s fair to say she has very little chance of beating this.

There are no viable options in the UK and as the treatment Laura has elected to have here in Houston is still under trial with the FDA, once Laura starts the treatment the UK’s National Health Service will in essence wipe their hands of her.

As you can appreciate this is a classic case of being left with no choice. So, as I mentioned, Laura supported by Ben, has elected to bravely go ahead with the treatment and on Monday August, 8th and received her first dose of the antineoplaston she needs to not only stop the tumor growing, but to hopefully shrink it and save Laura.

A permanent I.V. in her shoulder will allow Laura to receive the high doses of antineoplastons she’ll need 24/7 for the next 12 months to reverse the growing tumor and she should know if it is actually working in about 4 -6 weeks time.

The cost of the treatment is 75,000 UK pounds or approximately $120K. The good news is they have already raised just over 80% of the money from numerous sources and contributions, predominantly in the UK.

After you’ve read this site, and you decide you want to help Laura please donate whatever you can afford by making a deposit at any Amegy Bank in the Houston metro.

Bank locations:

Please make your checks payable to The Hope for Laura Fund.

You can also mail a check payable to;

“The Hope for Laura Fund” C/O Amegy Bank N.A. 13430 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77040. Attn: Ashley Koletar.

This account was opened specifically for US based donations and will eliminate foreign exchange rate fluctuations and international wire transfer charges which would result in your donation being smaller than you intended.

If you receive this and your are in the UK or Europe there are UK bank details on the Hope for Laura website. http://www.hopeforlaurafund.co.uk/

No amount is too small. Please forward this to anyone you think would like to help. Thank you.

Thanks for taking a look at this, every dollar helps………………